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What is TRENDING Products?

The Trending items tool is a unique Amazon product trends tool
that provides an hourly-updated list of trending Trending items
on Amazon. Having trouble coming up with product ideas?
You can start with the Trending Products list.

Get Instant Access to the Hottest Amazon Products

Trending items are products in Amazon’s Top 100 Most Gifted that
have an increasing sales trend and fewer than 50 reviews: the
perfect combination of high demand and low competition.
The Trending Products tool shows you more information about these
trending products, such as their price, sales history, number of
reviews, and more.

Target The Best of The Best with Advanced Filters

Narrow your search for the most profitable products. Choose the
product categories you prefer. Specify your criteria using
advanced filters such as price, number of reviews, average
monthly units sold, monthly revenue, and more.

Reliable Up-to-date Data You Can Trust

Our database is being updated every hour, ensuring that you
get the most accurate data and make the best data-driven
decisions for your business.

Find reliable suppliers for your chosen product

The Trending items tool connects you to Alibaba, the leading B2B eCommerce platform for wholesale trade, allowing you to easily access possible manufacturers/suppliers for the trending product you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our Trending items list is an intersection between three databases: the Top 100 Most Gifted Items on Amazon, Products with an increasing sales trend, and products with less than 50 reviews.

A. Amazon Bestseller’s List is a list of popular, trending items on Amazon based on the number of sales. The Trending items list, on the other hand, is a list of the most gifted items with increasing sales trend and fewer than 50 reviews. The Trending Products tool is a better resource for product research because it targets trending products that have increasing demand yet low supply. Products on the Amazon Best Sellers List tend to have high demand and stiff competition.

A. The Trending items tool is one of the tools in the powerful Hero LaunchPad software suite. You can access Trending items and other tools by paying for The Pro Plan costs $37/month and $444/year or the Ultimate Plan costs $67/month and 804/year while the Diamond Plan costs $132/month and 1594/year.