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Spy on your competitor’s keyword strategy
and beat them at their game

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Discover keywords that already work

Having trouble generating relevant keywords for your product
listing? Get quick access to the most relevant keyword phrases
with the Reverse ASIN tool. With this tool, you can perform a
Reverse ASIN lookup of up to ten competitors and see all the
keyword phrases that they rank for, giving you a large list of
relevant keywords to target.

Get insights into your competitors’ keyword performance

The Keywords Tool provides data about the keywords that your
competitors use in their listings, such as their rank and estimated
monthly search volume. Discover your competitors’ top-
performing keywords and use them to your advantage. Include
these all-important keywords in your listings to
drive traffic to your page, boost your sales, and increase your ranking.

Never miss a word that matters

With the Word Frequency feature, you can see individual words
that occur frequently in all the keywords your competitors rank
and the number of times they appear, allowing you to pinpoint
not only the best keyword phrases but also the best words.

Uncover keywords with high potential

We help you find and target keywords in the sweet spot: high
demand and low supply. Keywords are awarded a Hero Score
to guide you in choosing keywords with high search volume and
a low number of competing sellers.

cool-lptp With the Reverse ASIN tool, you are sure to

Find the top-
performing keywords
for your product

Drive more traffic to
your listing

Maximize your sales
and revenue

Successfuly launch
your product in page

Competitive Analysis Has Never Been Easier

Competitive analysis may sound technical but if you want to succeed on Amazon, you have to pay attention to it. Want to drive more sales and get to page one? Find out how exactly the top sellers in your product niche are achieving this feat. Then leverage this insight for your Amazon business.

One of the factors that influence a product’s organic rank on Amazon is the relevancy of keywords used in that product’s listing.

Which means the top competitors for your product—the products on page one—have a solid keyword strategy.

If you want to rise through the ranks to page one, you need to use the keywords they rank on page one for.

And the only way to find those keywords is through a Reverse ASIN lookup.

The Reverse ASIN tool You Can Count On

Hero Launchpad’s Reverse ASIN tool is all you need to get further ahead of your Amazon competition. With this tool, you can extract all the keywords in your top competitors’ listings and discover the top keywords they rank for.

How does it work?

Simply enter your own product ASIN/URL. Then retrieve the ASIN of your top competitor and enter it into the Reverse ASIN tool.

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Instantly get information about the keywords in your competitors’ listing, including their rank, monthly search volume, and Hero score.

Export your results to a spreadsheet. Build an extensive list of relevant keywords. Optimize your listings with these keywords. Watch your ranking and sales increase!

Ready to Start Reverse ASIN Lookups?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The ASIN is a unique 10-character code that Amazon assigns to every product within its catalog. This unique product identifier consists of numbers, letters, or a combination of both, and can be found in a product’s URL or detail page. We use the term ASIN to refer to a specific product on Amazon.

A. A Reverse ASIN lookup is a keyword research tactic that involves using your top competitors’ ASINs to find out the keywords they rank for.

A. A Reverse ASIN lookup is the most effective way to find relevant keywords for your product listings. These keywords already drive traffic to your competitors’ listings and boost their sales, so there is no doubt that they will work for you too. It’s also faster than manually opening your competitors’ product detail pages and mimicking the top listings.